Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It is a pleasure to be introducing myself to you. My name is Dr. Joseph Kotarski and I am honored to be the founding Superintendent of Dubai Schools! Before I share the vision and mission of the school I would like to take this opportunity and share a short bio about my professional career and background with you. I am from the USA and have nearly 17 years teaching and leadership experience in K-12 education with nearly a decade served in the MENA region with 6 years spent in the U.A.E. I have worked closely with Emirati and expatriate children and families in the UAE in diverse educational contexts; most recently as a Principal/CEO of a large K-12 American Academy in Abu Dhabi. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California Doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership program, and hold 2 masters degrees in educational leadership, and international management and policy. I currently reside here in the UAE with my family; wife, Sofiya and our twins Yacob and Isabella. We are all very excited to be returning to Dubai!

Al Barsha Principal

Selecting the right school for your student is a significant decision for your family. Let me tell you why choosing Dubai Schools is right for your children. The vision for Dubai schools is to offer a first class international education to our students by being a beacon and exemplar of academic quality. The school will use the US curriculum as the foundation of our educational program while balancing razor sharp focus on Arabic literacy, Islamic studies, and the cultural values of the U.A.E. Our program will aim to develop well-rounded learners by teaching global perspectives and context to position our students to successfully develop the critical thinking skills and acumen to contribute positively to a rapidly changing world. Our curriculum and teaching methodologies will deliver experiences to students that enable them to reach their full potential as independent and empathetic thinkers. While we will teach and embrace global citizenship the school will also deliver the promise of educating and guiding our students to be well developed and led by Arabic and Islamic principles and values. Moreover, our school will embrace and incorporate entrepreneurship and innovation, sustainability, tolerance, and many other key aspirations of the U.A.E. national agenda for education.

If you have enrolled in our schools I assure you that your family has made the right choice! If you are a family considering us as an educational option for your child or children, I do hope you will consider joining our new and exciting schools and be part of the inaugural classes of the Dubai schools! I look forward to meeting you in person and talking more about the school and hearing about your aspirations for your child’s educational journey.

Dr. Joseph Kotarski